Vsim Technology Ltd

We are building physics simulation technologies to power the future of AI, robotics, VFX, research and the industrial metaverse. Vsim has developed a revolutionary set of algorithms that accelerate a wide range of cross-disciplinary physics simulations, producing orders of magnitude improvements in performance.

About Vsim

Physics simulation is at the core of many industries ranging from research, entertainment, manufacturing and beyond. With over 20 years of experience building cutting-edge physics simulation technology, the Vsim team is on a mission to accelerate physics simulation performance to enable our users to make breakthroughs in their respective industries.

Our team has developed novel scalable algorithms that leverage the compute capability of modern GPUs. With an extensible component-based architecture, Vsim provides a cross-disciplinary physics simulation platform that enables rapid customization and development of new physics models.

Physics Simulation Features

  • Massively-scalable and extensible component-based architecture

  • Simulate complex environments and geometries

  • Scalable rigid body dynamics simulation

  • Simulate arbitrarily complex robots with parallel reduced coordinate robotics algorithm

  • FEM deformable body simulation

  • High-performance clothing simulation

  • Digital human simulation

  • Fluid dynamics and granular materials

  • Multi-physics interactions

  • Sets new benchmarks for simulation performance, accuracy and flexibility


white and red ceramic vase
white and red ceramic vase

Power your future research into AI and robotics. Reduce training times by orders of magnitude, while ensuring accurate results.

Design and debug process, layout, automation and control logic in simulation before build-out.

Reinforcement Learning
Industrial Metaverse

Accelerate artists' and designers' workflows to take physics simulations to new levels of performance and quality

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